Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ayah saya di hospital.

salam. selasa pagi dapat call from mama yang my dad masuk wad.
sangat terkejut sebab i just call my dad malam tu and everything is
okay. papa's blood pressure and sugar level was increasing and its
at the dangerous part. so, i balik dari shah alam fly ke kedah on that
day jugak. bring along all my books. i ada final exam this 25hb.
and what i want to say here, sorry for not replying any email and
sorry i cant post your shawls as everything at Shah Alam. sorrryyy.

i will send everything on Monday. hope you understand. sorrry for
too many reason. but i do not lie about this. please pray for my dad
as you know he is my life. thank you.

if you do not trust me please call me at this no :
( sms me first before call, i might call you back )


AnisSensuous said...

I will. Wish your dad cepat sembuh and hope his condition takkan affect your final exam. I'm sure he wants you to do your best in your final. Chaiyok chaiyok~you can face this situation.Good luck..


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