Thursday, January 14, 2010

Saya ada masalah.

salam semua customer yang i sangat hargai dan sayangi :)
sekarang ni i ada masalah post lah. i minta maag sangat.
ada 2 orang yang tak dapat lagi shawl dia, sebab parcel return
back sebab alamat tak lengkap dan alamat tak dapat dikesan.
i will contact the person personally to renew the add, or
resend the parcel, dont worry, i will make sure it will arrive

for the time being, im very sorry for the uncontrollable situation
but just remember im trying very hard to give my best service and
satisfy all of you. if there are anything that you curios of dont hesitate
to contact me, im maybe busy or not pickup your phone call, but
i will call you back ASAP.

but anyway thanks for the support and understanding. just remember,
please contact me if you have something to ask or curious of.

sayapunyashawl :)



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