Sunday, June 07, 2009

Little Update.


lets call her baby zebra. ;)
this is totally new.
i bought it from china but its not suit me well.
wear only for trying purpose.
its smashing new!

material : 100% silk
price : RM20

this baby we call lovelova.
i find it really attracted for the first time.
and buy it w/o thinking.
yeah i know.
im impulsive buyer.
but who care? its hot and awesome.
but i rarely use this.
its not suit me. my face will become very chubby wear this.

material : cotton ( easy wear & comfy )
price : RM10

look look at me.
i love this shawl :'(
its hard to let it go this little polka.
but my mum said i look really messy with this baby.
&& i decided to let it go.
anyway, i have other black & white polkadot shawl too.

material : cotton
price : RM10

hello hello.
i know that i am on hiatus. hehe
but there is some pre loved shawl that i want to let it go.
when it comes to my really loveable shawl.
its hard to make a decision whether to keep it or give others to loved them more.
so, after some nagging ( hehe ) & critical thinking.
i decided to let it go.
in a very reasonable price.

&&& its free post ekpress.

p/s : please take care of this baby. i really heart them.



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